Kristen Brustad & Mahmoud Al-Batal in Vienna, 16th-19th October 2023

We had the extraordinary honor to welcome two renowned figures in Arabic Studies, Kristen Brustad and Mahmoud Al-Batal, to the Department of Oriental Studies in Vienna These days were marked by their presence and their captivating lectures, which offered a deeper insight into various aspects of Arabic language and linguistics. Kristen Brustad, an expert in the field of Arabic syntax, wowed students and facutly members with her presentation on syntactic structures in Arabic. Her clear presentation and thorough explanations provided the audience with a rich insight into this complex linguistic topic. Mahmoud Al-Batal, a renowned pioneer in Arabic didactics, shared his extensive knowledge and innovative approach to teaching the Arabic language. His presentation offered valuable insights and innovative methods that were appreciated by teachers and students alike.

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