Arabic linguists and Digital humanists

The project’s core team is composed of six specialists in Arabic linguistics: the principal investigator (PI), two postdoctoral researchers specialized in linguistics and social anthropology, and four PhD candidates. An expert specialized in the history of the Bedouins will be taken on board after the first year. WIBARAB also benefits from the knowledge and work of Digital Humanities specialists from the Austrian Academy of Sciences. Four MA students mainly feed the database. The Vienna-based team is supported by research partners in the Arab countries.

Principal Investigator

Stephan Procházka

Principal investigator, holds the chair for Arabic Studies at the University of Vienna since 2006. Works on comparative and syntactic aspects as well as on historical linguistics. He is mainly responsible for WP-5 and WP-6, but also acts as a supervisor of the PhD theses (WP-1 and WP-2).

Postdoctoral Researchers

Ana Iriarte Díez

Postdoctoral Researcher in Linguistics. Ana works on language and dialect contact and historical linguistics and language change (WP5, WP6 – University of Vienna). She supervises the design and feeding of the WIBARAB database and conducts research on Bedouin Arabic dialects in Lebanon.

PhD Candidates

Antonella Torzullo

Prae-doc researcher, works on the description and analysis of the Arabic dialect of the Bani Ṣaxar tribe in Jordan (WP1 – University of Vienna)

Claudia Laaber

Prae-doc researcher, works on perceptions of Bedouin Arabic (WP2 – University of Vienna).

Terlan Djavadova

Prae-doc researcher, deals with the Bedouin dialects of the Zaer and Chouia in Morocco and their influence on the Moroccan Koiné (WP1 – University of Vienna).

Maria Rebecca Zarb

Prae-doc researcher, deals with the dialect of the Rašāyda bedouins namely in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait (WP1 – University of Vienna).

Laura Stocker

Pre-doc researcher, specializing in Bedouin tribal communities in the modern Middle East, with a primary focus on post-Ottoman Syria, contributes to the project by addressing general questions about Bedouin history (WP3 – University of Vienna).

Master Students

Philipp Marc Hessabi

Project assistant, responsible for general administrative tasks.

Sara Fatihi

MA-student of general linguistics (University of Vienna), research assistant in the Bedouin dialects of the Chouia and Zaer (Morocco).

Digital Humanities Specialists (ACDH-CH)

Karlheinz Mörth

Project cooperation partner & head of the ACDH-CH unit, expert in the interface between linguistics and digital language resources doing research in the fields of virtual research environments and language-related standards (Austrian Academy of Sciences, ACDH-CH).

Veronika Engler

Researcher and DH-specialist, responsible for the Digital Humanities part of the project including coding and linguistic modelling of the data (Austrian Academy of Sciences, ACDH-CH).

Daniel Schopper

Senior advisor and head of working group Data; MS Teams and sharepoint admin (Austrian Academy of Sciences, ACDH-CH).

Omar Siam

Senior advisor and system administrator at ACDH-CH, works as a technical supervisor for the VICAV infrastructure (Austrian Academy of Sciences, ACDH-CH).

Kinga Sramó

DH specialist, responsible for the Digital Humanities part of the project, including coding, transforming linguistic data into visual representations, and considering data formats and standards application (Austrian Academy of Sciences, ACDH-CH).

International Collaboration Partners

Enam Al-Wer

Professor of Linguistics at the University of Essex, focussing on linguistic variation and change, dialect contact and new-dialect formation.

Kristen Brustad

Retired associate professor, Department of Middle Eastern Studies, University of Texas at Austin. Research interests include Arabic dialects, syntax, language ideology and Arabic literary and linguistic history.

Inas Mahfouz

Associate professor of English at the American University of Kuwait, local associate of WIBARAB.

Stefano Manfredi

Researcher at CNRS, assistant director at SeDyL, focussing on contact linguistics, Creole languages, typological dialectology, Dadjo languages, language ideologies and politics in Sudan, and languages and social movements.

Fabio Gasparini

Researcher at the Department of Semitic Studies at FU Berlin, focussing on Modern South Arabian and Semitic languages in general from a comparative and typological perspective.

Thomas Leddy-Cecere

Scholar of language variation and language change at Bennington College, Vermont, focussing on interaction between speakers of related language varieties, ongoing studies of New England English and multiple dialects of modern Arabic.

Prof. Awad el Karim

Professor at Shendi University, Sudan, local associate of WIBARAB.

Former Members

Gisela Kitzler

Postdoctoral Researcher and Research Coordinator, works on language attitudes in Egypt (WP2, University of Vienna).

Gunda Kinzl

Prae-doc researcher and team member from October 2021-November 2022, did fieldwork with Rašāyda communities in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. (WP1 – University of Vienna).

Shada Bokir

Postdoctoral researcher, works on the History and Anthropology of tribes in the Middle East and North Africa. (WP3 – University of Vienna). 

Johanna Doppelbauer

Prae-MA researcher, works on the conceptualization and implementation of the database as well as the collection of features of Bedouin-type Arabic from already published sources (WP4 – University of Vienna).

Stanley Kochem

Prae-MA researcher, works on the conceptualization and implementation of the database as well as the collection of features of Bedouin-type Arabic from already published sources (WP4 – University of Vienna). 

Angelika Hechtl

Researcher and IT-specialist, responsible for the Digital Humanities part of the project including coding and linguistic modeling of the data (Austrian Academy of Sciences, ACDH-CH).