AIDA Conference

28th– 4th July 2022: The WIBARAB team goes to Granada to participate in the AIDA conference. The following members give presentations over a period of four days: 

Stephan Procházka: How solid is the linguistic basis for the Bedouin-sedentary split used in the classification of Arabic dialects? 

Stephan Procházka (with Simone Bettega & Erik Anonby): The Distinctive Singular Demonstratives of Musandam Arabic and the Historical Linguistic Geography of Arabia. 

Claudia Laaber & Karlheinz Mörth: Repurposing encyclopaedic data for lexicographic research: the special case of the Egyptian Arabic Wikipedia. 

Ana Iriarte Díez: Discursive tools in highly affective communicative contexts: Lebanese Arabic as a case study. 

Gisela Kitzler: “Bi-luġit il-ġalāba hanġanni yāḅa!”[1] “Man, we’re gonna sing in the language of the poor people!” Class, language ideology and Egyptian mahraganāt music. 

Veronika Engler: Navigating Arabic Varieties: Code Switching, Code Mixing and Hybridity in Omani Radio Programs 

Gunda Kinzl: Ramallāwi to the Bones. Local and Global Linguistic Strategies in Palestinian Rap: Haykal as Case Study. 

Antonella Torzullo: Recent developments in the phonology and morphology of the Arabic Dialect of the Bani Ṣaxar Tribe. 

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