5th Arabic Linguistics Forum – 8th – 10th November 2023, York / UK

Ana, Antonella, and Stephan represented the WIBARAB team at the 5th Arabic Linguistics Forum in York. The forum provided an invaluable platform for our scholars to exchange ideas, receive and offer feedback and forge contacts with experts and peers from the field.
Ana’s presentation on the ʕArab il-Maslax in Karantina, Beirut, covered theoretical and methodological considerations for the sociolinguistic analysis of superdiverse speech communities.
Antonella’s talk about the Bani Ṣaxar Dialect in Jordan focussed on patterns of verbal morphological change in Bedouin Arabic dialects.
Lastly, Stephan’s contribution centered on the low vowel insertion rule after gutturals aka gahawa-syndrome, its geographical distribution and diachronic development.

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